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What is YOUR Claimant Posting on Social Media?

Is your claimant a social butterfly? Are they out posting about their fabulous hiking trip, or their part-time job, or their trip out of the country? Our social media check is an advanced tool that scans the social networks tracking your claimant. We log anything and everything we find and provide you with a complete report. The best part? We then continue monitoring social media for the LIFE of your claim!  When something new pops onto Facebook, Instagram or one of the many other sites we track, you will be the first to know!

Making A Referral Couldn’t Be Simpler…

Claimants Tracked

Social Media Hits Provided to Defense

Core Features

Proprietary Tools & Software

We use a combination of software and actual human social media researchersso that we KNOW we have the correct claimant. Have you ever made a social media referral, got a great report back, and it simply wasn’t your claimant? Frustrating – That won’t happen with us. We perform a full background check on your claimant and always get a positive identification.

Social Media Sites We Track

Yes, we track all the major social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. However, we also scour a plethora of sites you might not have ever heard of!!  We have located social media posts on many fringe or obscure networks that most other providers don’t even check. With us, you know you are getting a huge net cast so we get the best results.

Big Potential to Impact Your Reserves and Settlement

Yes, our results have saved clients countless claims dollars!  The impact of a GOOD well researched social media check is worth its weight in gold. We have literally helped carriers and TPA’s settle claims for thousands of dollars less than they thought they would pay all based on a great social media report of the claimant’s activities!  Ever hiked the Alps? Ever skied Mammoth while on temporary disability? Well, some of our claimants have and we have the social media posts to prove it 🙂



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