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Tracking Down Prior Medical Treatment Is No Easy Task

But…that’s why we exist – to help you locate where medical treatment has occurred. We take care of the heavy lifting for you. Send us your claimant information and we will activate our “Medical Bullseye” program to identify if and where your claimant received medical treatment. We do this the “old fashioned way” – one phone call at a time. No fancy software, just the good ol’ hard work of making the calls and putting in the time.

It really is the best way…

We Work Fast

You need results fast – we are your perfect partner.

Results Oriented

We are your key for uncovering past or unreported medical treatment.


Trusted Partner

We are a trusted partner who you can count on to get you results.

Saving You Time

We do the tedious phone calls so you can focus on other claims work.

Saves You Money

You know the benefit of uncovering medical records that no one knew about.

Full Results via Email

Get your results fast and efficiently through a full email report.

Making A Referral Couldn’t Be Simpler…

Records Located

Claimants Tracked

Phone Calls Made

Core Features

Proprietary Tools & Software

We built our “Medical Bullseye” program with one thought in mind – how to get the best results, in the least amount of time. Our proprietary systems and informational databases have been built from the ground up. We have the right people, using the right tools, to get YOU the right results.

Treatment Locations

We don’t need to point out the obvious – but – there are A LOT of medical facilities. We take the tedious work off your plate of calling them to find out if your claimant received treatment. This work is tedious, repetitive and time consuming but we do it well. In fact, we do it really well and at a much cheaper cost than doing it yourself.

Saves You Money

Your time is money. You have other things to do than call 25, 40 or even 50 medical facilities that the claimant MIGHT have treated in. You also know that finding a medical treatment “hit” that was previously undisclosed could save big money on your claim. Your insureds and clients will love you for this.


Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and more

Thousands of treatment facilities in our database…


Dedicated Staff Working For YOU

Exhaustive research done on your behalf…


Cutting Edge Techniques

This is all we do…nothing else. We are specialists and experts in this field.



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