About Our Team

Industry Experience....It Matters. Actually - It's Everything

Mark Hernandez

An insurance industry veteran with 25 years of varied experience including management oversight of subrogation, litigation and catastrophic workers compensation claims. A thought leader in the industry with a nose for helping insurance companies and TPA’s gain the tools they need to do their jobs. Mr. Hernandez is also our Company visionary and constantly strives to find new trends in the industry that will serve our clients.

Jason Hessom

A 20+ year veteran of the workers’ compensation claims industry. A broad background in catastrophic workers’ compensation claims, employer accident prevention programs, and senior leadership positions within several companies have lead him to one thing – the ability to help insurance companies get their work done in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Mr. Hessom leads our team of talented “Medical Archaeologists” (our name for the people who “unearth” the medical histories of your claimants).

Timely Support

When you work with CanvassMD we become your partner. We are your weapon in the claims fight. Our 110% commitment to you – our customer and partner – is unmatched in the industry.

Innovative Ideas

There are other companies that do what we do…however, there are no other companies that do it LIKE we do. We constantly strive to “think out of the box” to get you the information you need to adjust your claim.

Advanced Technology

Our human, hands-on approach to digging up medical background information is only matched by our commitment to the technology to get the job done. A set of proprietary databases, investigative techniques, and software programs help us to help you.

Clear Communication

Ever made a referral to a company and you felt like it went into a black hole? Yeah, we have too. Which is why we refuse to do business like that. We communicate early and often and you will always have the ability to reach us.

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